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Your Baby’s Care: Florida ROP Lawyers

Who Is at Risk for ROP? What Can Be Done?

Babies born seven to eight weeks or more premature, and below a birth weight of about three pounds, can have a significant risk of vision problems, vision loss, and even blindness due to retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). These are very general parameters. Other factors may enter into your baby’s actual risk of developing ROP, but it is known that the less a premature baby weighs at birth, the greater the ROP risk. Although the progression of ROP has been carefully studied, researchers have not yet conclusively determined the exact causes.

When possible, it is important for parents of premature, low-birth-weight babies to ask their pediatricians or neonatologists about ROP. We recognize that the challenges facing premature babies and their families are many, but this one can be critical.

Insisting on Medical Specialists & Diligent Monitoring for ROP

Being aware of ROP and its risks can help save a baby’s sight. Insisting on a specialist—an ophthalmologist with training in neonatal issues including ROP—can also make the difference.

We have heard specialists in ROP say frequent monitoring is essential once ROP is identified. The disease is known to progress very rapidly in some cases, so examinations may be required as frequently as two to three times a week. Keeping these appointments is vital—for as long as necessary, even well after hospital discharge.

If Damage Has Been Suffered, Take Action. Call Our Florida Birth Injury Lawyers

Every situation is unique, but medical negligence on the part of a physician or hospital is clearly a factor in some ROP cases. When a baby is born at a high-risk hospital, ensuring proper ROP monitoring by a specialist may be a part of the hospital’s responsibility, and it may be possible to prove liability and recover damages.

At Freidin Brown, P.A., our Florida ROP lawyers have handled many complex cases across the range of medical negligence and malpractice, including birth injuries. We applied our wealth of experience and skill in obtaining a $38 million verdict for twins rendered blind due to ROP.

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