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Retinopathy of Prematurity Treatments

ROP Lawyers in Florida

The most important things to know about today’s Retinopathy of Prematurity treatment options are that they are widely available and are often effective in prevention of blindness for premature infants. Before treatment comes monitoring and diagnosis, however, and this is critical for at-risk babies. For those seeking to prevent ROP from progressing, it is critical to insist on the baby being examined by a specialist. In order to intervene in a timely manner with an appropriate ROP treatment, the ophthalmologist must know the stages of ROP.

Infants with mild to moderate ROP may not require treatment. If abnormal blood vessel growth that can cause retinal detachment is severe, however, the right treatment is often essential to saving the baby’s sight. When ROP treatment is necessary, however, the window for timely intervention is usually small.

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Laser Therapy & Cryotherapy

The most effective ROP treatment today is widely held to be laser therapy. This is now considered superior-because of its greater precision-to a treatment used for decades called cryotherapy.

Both these ROP treatments are targeted at removing the edges of the retina-essentially by burning them with a laser, or by freezing them with a probe. Their goal is to stop progress of abnormal blood vessel growth and relieve the pressure that leads to retinal detachment. Although some peripheral vision is lost, these treatments-if done in time-can save an infant’s sight.

Treatments After Retinal Detachment

Once ROP reaches stage 4 or stage 5, the retina is partially or completely detached. Surgery in the form of scleral buckling or vitrectomy is sometimes performed, with mixed results. However, the more researchers learn about ROP, the clearer it becomes that timely identification and treatment by stage 3 offers the best chance of preventing baby blindness.

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