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Coping with Birth Injuries

Florida Birth Injury Lawyers Finding Resources for Your Baby & Family

The birth of your newborn should be a joyous event. You may have been planning for months, getting the nursery just right, adjusting the car seat, and making sure you have enough diapers to get you through at least the first week home from the hospital. You probably were not thinking about what you would do if your baby was injured during labor and delivery.

At Freidin Brown, P.A., we understand that a birth injury is a life-changing event for your child and your family. We also understand that those first days, weeks or months following serious birth trauma can be stressful, frightening, and frustrating all at the same time. If you have questions about holding a doctor, nurse, hospital or other health care professional responsible for the harm caused to your child, please call our firm at 866-716-7292 for a FREE initial consultation. Our Florida birth injury lawyers can help you understand your right to lifetime benefits for your son or daughter from the professional who caused his or her injury.

How to Cope with a Newborn Birth Injury

Whether your child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, brachial plexus or Erb’s palsy or suffered severe brain damage during childbirth, you are not alone. There are other parents in Florida and throughout the United States who are helping their children live full lives in spite of a birth injury and organizations that can offer financial assistance, counseling, and respite care. Depending on the injury your newborn suffered, he or she may require rehabilitative therapy, including physical, occupational and speech therapy; additional financial resources may be required to provide for those needs.

State and federal benefit programs are available to help offset expenses related to a birth injury, such as:

  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Public grant programs

A birth injury affects the whole family. Becoming a primary caregiver to a child with special needs can be exhausting and overwhelming. Seeking out others in similar situations-such as finding a local support group or an online support group for parents of children with similar injuries-may be helpful. Sitting down with your family and discussing the changes and day-to-day struggles and triumphs that each person experiences may help lessen the stress of caring for a special-needs child.

Siblings of special-needs children need to feel important as well. Brothers and sisters may experience ridicule from their peers because of the actions or behaviors of the child with a birth injury. It is often easy to focus so much energy on the child who needs your constant attention that other children may feel left out.

Coping with a Birth Injury May Not Be Easy, But it is Not Impossible.

Every family is different and each person within that family is different. We all deal with stress and unexpected change in our own way. When you first discover that your newborn was injured during childbirth, you may feel angry, scared, worried, and a host of other emotions. You can do this and there is plenty of help available.

When the negligence of another is the cause of your child’s injury, our birth injury lawyers can help. We have 100 years of combined experience fighting for compensation for those who have been injured by another throughout Florida and have developed a reputation for achieving successful results. We can help you pursue a hospital negligence or medical malpractice lawsuit after a mistake by your birthing team leaves your child with a serious, permanent injury.

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