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Biography Video FAQs

What would your past clients say about you? – Philip Freidin

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I think, on the whole, our past clients are all very, very satisfied that we treated them fairly, that we treated them with respect, that we listened to their concerns, and we got them excellent results. I think they would also say that we were always honest with them and we never mislead, and we always took their calls.

Why did you decide to become an attorney? – Gregory d’Incelli

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Growing up I was a dedicated competitive tennis player. I had a big western floor hand and big dreams of winning Roland Garros or Wimbledon. As I got older, It quickly became apparent to me that earning a living as a tennis player was probably not going to be my reality so I started to think about what I could do to earn a living. When I got to college at Dartmouth in New Hampshire even though I played tennis, I thought about things that I’d been good at growing up. Things that could put my skills from tennis which were self-discipline, commitment, motivation, hard work, and motivation to the best use. My parents told me as a child I always asked a lot of questions. Good questions and I followed up on them and my father was a lawyer so I thought it might make sense to go to law school, and so I did.

I enrolled at the University of Miami School of Law and there the things that I enjoyed the most were the things that let me put my competitive edge on display. Things like oral argument in court and mock trial and so I did well in those things. Coming out of law school, I worked for two different defense firms. At those defense firms I represented some of the largest insurance companies, individuals, corporations, against people who had been injured or wronged and I did not enjoy it. When I was presented the opportunity to switch to the good side and come to the elite firm here, Freidin Brown, I jumped on it and now I represent plaintiffs who have been seriously injured or wronged by negligence or wrongdoing in medical malpractice and negligence cases and I haven’t looked back.

Why did you decide to become an attorney? – Joel Brown

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When I was in High-school, I was looking for a career, something that would be a profession. I came from a family where my dad was a truck driver my mom worked at night. I read a book by the name of “My Life in Court” by Louis Nizer and I realized that the legal profession would provide all the challenges and a rewarding life career. So I decided at that point when I was about sixteen, this is what I would do in life.

Why did you decide to become an attorney? – Jonathan E. Freidin

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I grew up in a family of lawyers. My mom’s a lawyer. My dad’s a lawyer. My sister’s a lawyer, but growing up, they made it interesting for me. My dad would always come home with the stories of his cases, and it was always exciting to me. But above all else, I’d say that both of my parents as lawyers taught me how you can use your law degree to help people, and that’s really what drove me to becoming a lawyer.

Why did you decide to become an attorney? – Whitney M. Untiedt

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I decided to become a lawyer because I really wanted to help people, and the work that I’m doing here at Freidin Brown, every single day, I’m helping people. I’m working with clients who have been hurt by someone else, family members who have lost a loved one, and people who are bravely stepping forward to expose fraud against the government. My job is to help them put their best foot forward, to recover what they are entitled to, and protect themselves and all the rest of us from fraud and deceit.

Why should I choose Freidin Brown, P.A.? – Philip Freidin

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We’re a small but highly effective firm. We’re well connected in the community, but we have a huge amount of experience with trial work. We also are small enough to take care of our clients in a very intimate way and pay attention to their needs and pick up their calls and speak to them whenever they need to speak to us, but we’re big enough and strong enough to have an impact in the courthouse and in the community.

That’s a first reason. The second reason is that we have vast experience. We have over 300 jury trials in our experience, over 100 years of collective experience, and finally I think most importantly, we’re very, very straightforward with people. We’re known for our integrity and we’re very, very client conscious in terms of their needs. We’ll be looking out for them for you.

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