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$11 Million in Compensation for Truck Accident

In 2007, a semi tractor-trailer driven by Donald Pedrini struck a Toyota Tundra that was stopped in a highway construction zone. In the Toyota were James and Sheila Dye. Pedrini never slowed down his Freighter-class truck. The truck accident left the Dyes with serious injuries.

Now a jury has awarded $6.4 million in damages to James Dye, and $4.6 million in damages to Sheila Dye.

The collision took place in Wyoming, and the Dyes told the court in that state that they suffered serious personal injuries. They sued for compensation for medical expenses, loss of earnings, permanent disability, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering.

The defendants in the case were Pedrini and his employer, Cooney’s Farm Service, based in Alberta, Canada. Pedrini was sued for negligence and Cooney’s was sued for vicarious liability and negligent training, hiring and supervision of Pedrini. The plaintiffs claimed that Pedrini breached his duty to drive a safe distance behind other vehicles, maintain control of his truck and see what was plainly visible.

The Dyes said, through their lawyer, “This verdict tells truckers and trucking companies who choose to hire poor drivers that they better be careful…[People] take their safety seriously and are not afraid to hold [negligent truckers and trucking companies] accountable for their actions.”

The defendants denied liability for the truck accident until the morning of the trial.

Source: Wyoming News “Couple awarded $11 million settlement” 11/12/2010

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